Recent Before & After Photos

Fire Restoration

Soot Covered Room Indoor Fires...One of the many professional services SERVPRO offers is fire damage restoration. Our team is trained to handle any type of dama... READ MORE

Office Mitigation

Removing Contents for Drying! Ensuring your contents are unscathed...Here at SERVPRO, we like to ensure that your home restoration process goes smoothly and wit... READ MORE

Affected Drywall

Removing The Walls Wet Wall Worriment Flooding and water damage can present many issues. Aside from the obvious physical damage, affected items can be lost caus... READ MORE

Hallway Damage

Water Under The Wood Difference in how you see damage..Anyone can tell when carpet is wet. If not by the way the color of carpet changes, it feels wet. Hardwood... READ MORE

Attic Pipe Bursting

The Big Freeze Normally, attics operate under the "out of sight, out of mind" rule. We only visit the attic to find old pictures or to get the Christmas Tree ou... READ MORE

Mold in Gym

Ripped Up Gym Airborne in The Gym..This loss was a result of a preexisting issue where water had not been properly dried. We were able to perform our services i... READ MORE

Classroom Leak

Classroom Leak! School of hard knocks..During the cold, cold months of January, a sprinkler pipe busted due to freezing. Initially the school tried to mitigate ... READ MORE

Conference Room

Winter of 2018The Big Freeze...In the winter of 2018 we reached record low temperatures creating a massive freeze event. Luckily, SERVPRO is here to help! For t... READ MORE

Living Room Drying

Hot Water Heater Hot Water in The City...This water loss was the result of a malfunction in the utility room in a home that spread across 5 rooms. In this case,... READ MORE

Hallway Drying

Stripping The Carpet Ripping up and Drying out...Sometimes you can't see damage when it occurs. The before picture above demonstrates this point. Although there... READ MORE